Just Coconuts Soap

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Just Coconuts Soap

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 Reveal Your Glowing Skin: Coconut Soap gently exfoliates and nourishes skin. Unveils brighter and healthier skin with every use!

This Handcrafted Just Coconuts Soap:

✔ 2X Balances the skin's moisture levels
✔ Better Exfoliation for face and body
✔ Designed with a formula to meet the needs of both dry and combination skin types
✔ Nourishes, Exfoliates and soothes dry areas while gently addressing oily T-zones


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What's in it Benefits How to use? Caution & Disclaimer

"Embrace the Tropical Coco Glow: Let Coconut Soap Transport Your Senses to a Radiant Paradise!"

Tropical Glow: Infused with the goodness of coconuts, this soap brings a touch of the tropics to your skincare routine, unveiling a radiant and sun-kissed glow.

Nourishment: Packed with essential nutrients, Coconut soap deeply nourishes your skin, leaving it supple and revitalized, day after day.

Rejuvenate: Indulge in a luxurious bathing experience with Coconut soap that helps rejuvenate your skin, promoting a youthful and vibrant appearance.

Exfoliate & Deep Cleanse: The gentle exfoliating properties of Coconut soap effectively remove impurities and dead skin cells, while the deep cleansing action unclogs pores, promoting clearer and healthier skin.

Moisturize: Embrace the long-lasting moisturizing benefits of Coconut soap, ensuring your skin remains soft, smooth, and hydrated, no matter the season.

Usage: Daily, for face and body.

Step 1:

Wet your body or hands in the shower or sink.

Step 2:

Gently lather the Handmade Soap in your hands.

Step 3:

Apply the lather to your body or hands, massaging in circular motions.

Step 4:

Rinse off thoroughly with water.

✔ Enjoy the natural cleansing and refreshing experience of Kleen Skin's Handmade Soaps.

Caution: For external use only. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid contact with eyes. Every product is freshly handcrafted hence there may be slight variations in the scent. This does not affect the product efficacy.

Disclaimer: Even natural ingredients can cause allergies. Patch test is recommended before use. Discontinue if any allergy occurs.

"Embrace the Tropical Coco Glow: Let Coconut Soap Transport Your Senses to a Radiant Paradise!"