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Eyes & Lips Bliss Combo Eyes & Lips Bliss Combo
Eyes & Lips Bliss Combo Rs. 1,240.00 Rs. 1,550.00
Looking to heal dry lips and refresh tired eyes? Meet our Eyes & Lips Bliss Combo: your ultimate solution! This combo features our gentle Beetroot Lip Scrub, nourishing Lip Butter, and soothing Under Eye Serum.This Combo Includes:✔ Beetroot Lip Scrub for soft exfoliation✔ Lip Butter with rich butters and oils✔ Under Eye Serum infused with coffee, hyaluronic acid, and green tea to target dark circles and puffy eyes✔ Suitable for all skin types✔ For men and women✔ Recommended for ages 15 and aboveSay goodbye to chapped lips and hello to the goodness of natural beetroot and enriching butters. Elevate your lip and eye care effortlessly. What Can I Expect?Revive Lips: Enjoy soft, nourished lips with the Beetroot Lip Scrub's gentle care.Luscious Lip Butter: Infuse lips with hydration using our butter-enriched Lip Butter.Brighter Eyes: Our Under Eye Serum, packed with coffee, hyaluronic acid, and green tea, tackles dark circles and puffiness.Refreshed Eyes: Experience the serum's refreshing effect, unveiling a rejuvenated and radiant look.Eyes & Lips Bliss Combo: Your trusted solution for lip and eye care, bringing you closer to naturally beautiful lips and brighter eyes.
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Glow Facial Care Combo Glow Facial Care Combo
Glow Facial Care Combo Rs. 2,532.00 Rs. 4,220.00
Looking for an affordable skincare kit that solves all your skin worries? We've got you covered! Presenting our Glow Facial Care Combo – your one-stop solution for various skin needs, helping you achieve a glowing complexion effortlessly.  This Combo Contains: ✔ Beetroot Lip Scrub✔ Creamy Almond Lip Butter✔ Under Eye Serum✔ Blood Orange & Vitamin C Face Wash✔ Handmade Red Wine Soap✔ Detox Face Mask✔ White tea & Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum Designed for All Skin Types: ✔ Suitable for both men and women✔ Ideal for ages 15 and aboveYour All-in-One Solution for Facial Concerns: ✔ Revive dull skin to reveal a radiant complexion with face mask✔ Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips✔ Combat dark circles and tired eyes✔ Enjoy a refreshing and glowing skin with face wash✔ Nourish your skin with a handmade soap✔ Reveal a brighter, smoother complexion with the face serum
-20% sale
Luscious Lips combo Luscious Lips combo
Luscious Lips combo Rs. 760.00 Rs. 950.00
Tired of dry, chapped lips? We've got the solution! Introducing our Luscious Lips Combo, starring our best selling Beetroot Lip Scrub and Shea & Vitamin-E Lip Butter. This Combo Contains:✔ Beetroot Lip Scrub for gentle exfoliation✔ Shea & Vitamin E Lip Butter enriched with cold-pressed oils for lips moisturization✔ Designed for All Skin Types✔ Suitable for both men and women✔ Ideal for ages 15 and aboveSay goodbye to chapped lips and indulge in the goodness of natural beetroot and luscious butter. Perfect for achieving soft, supple lips naturally.   What Can I Expect? Hydrate and Repair: Nourish pigmented and damaged lips with Vitamin E and Shea Lip Butter for deep healing. Exfoliate and Revive: Gently exfoliate with our Beetroot Lip Scrub, revealing a fresh and rejuvenated pout. Velvety Smooth: Experience soft and supple lips as the rich emollients of the Lip Butter work their magic. Naturally Kissable: Embrace a renewed, healthy smile with this simple yet effective lip therapy combo. Say goodbye to parched lips and hello to kissable pout perfection!
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Anti Pigmentation Combo Anti Pigmentation Combo
Anti Pigmentation Combo Rs. 1,521.00 Rs. 2,340.00
Looking for a budget-friendly skincare kit that tackles all your skin problems? Look no further! Introducing our Anti Pigmentation Combo – the answer to various acne spots, stubborn dark spots, dull skin, sun damage, making it effortless to achieve a vibrant complexion. Your Simple Route to Spotless Bright Skin! In This Combo, You'll Find:✔ Pure Honey & Vitamin B3 Face Wash✔ White Tea Face Serum ✔ Handmade Papaya Soap✔ De-Tan Face MaskMade for All Skin Types:✔ Suitable for everyone ✔ Designed for those aged 15 and upYour All-in-One Solution for Skin Woes:✔ Reduces Pigmentation & bring out your skin's natural glow✔ Say bye-bye to sun damage✔ Reduces dark spots✔ Embrace the soothing effects of white tea after clearing acne

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We are committed to providing high-quality skincare products that meet the highest standards. The brand does not compromise on the quality of ingredients and formulations.

Kleen Skin focuses on using Safe ingredients to create skincare products. We avoid harsh chemicals and artificial compounds, promoting a more natural and gentle approach to skincare. We say no to animal testing because we love animals too. 

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We aim to provide a comfortable, safe and rash-free period experience to all the powerful women out there! Our pads are gentle to your skin(Bleach free, Rash free, Toxin Free, Fragrance-free) and kind to the planet ( Plastic free, 95% Biodegradable & Compostable)

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