Under Eye Serum With Coffee & Hyaluronic Acid

Rs. 550.00

Under Eye Serum With Coffee & Hyaluronic Acid

Rs. 550.00

Introducing Your Puffy-Eye Savior! Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes after a binge-watching session with our under-eye serum. Formulated to target dark circles, this potent serum refreshes the delicate skin around your eyes, restoring a bright appearance.

This Under Eye Serum:

✔ Can be used everyday, easy to carry around
✔ 5X soothing relief with metal ball massager
✔ Suitable for all skin types
✔ Kids Friendly

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What's in it Benefits How to use? Caution & Disclaimer

Bye-Bye Dark Circles, Hello Refreshed Eyes!

Coffee extract and green tea extract work together to reduce the appearance of dark circles, giving you a refreshed and revitalized look.

Hyaluronic acid and oat protein help to soothe and reduce puffiness around the eyes, leaving your under-eye area looking firmer and more toned.

With green tea and aloe vera extract, our serum provides deep hydration, combating dryness and promoting a smoother, plumper under-eye skin texture.

The powerful combination of ingredients invigorates tired eyes, brightening your overall complexion and making you look more awake and youthful.

Packed with antioxidants and nourishing properties, the serum protects the delicate under-eye skin from environmental stressors, ensuring long-term skin health.

Usage: Day and Night

Apply the serum under eye area in circular motion, gently massage with the metal ball for 30 seconds to hydrate & soothe.

Tip: Refrigerate the eye-serum 10 minutes before using it and witness the 5X hydra boost treatment for your under eye area.

Caution: For external use only. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid contact with eyes. Every product is freshly handcrafted, hence there may be slight variations in the scent. This does not affect the product efficacy. 

Disclaimer: Even natural ingredients can cause allergies. Patch test is recommended before use. Discontinue if any allergy occurs.


Bye-Bye Dark Circles, Hello Refreshed Eyes!